How To Understand The Price Tag

The price tag on the grocery shelf includes a lot of helpful information. Learn what the numbers mean!

Retail Price – This is the price you pay for each item. 

Unit Price – The unit price will tell you how much an item costs per pound, ounce, quart, etc. It can be very useful when comparing two items!

The image below shows two different price tags. In the first one, the retail price is $1.62 for one 32 oz. yogurt. The unit price, in the red box, is $0.05 per oz. In the second one, the retail price is $0.72 for one 6 oz. yogurt, but the unit price is $0.12 per oz. Based on the unit price, you can determine that the larger, 32 oz. yogurt is the better buy because you are getting more for your money.

How is the unit price found?


Example: What is the unit price of a 6 oz. yogurt that has a retail price (the price you pay) of $0.72?

$0.72 ÷ 6 oz. = $0.12 

The unit price of this yogurt is $0.12 per oz.

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